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    Rustic baking. :)

Rustic baking. 🙂

I’ve made brownies several times before, but I have always wanted to make blondies. The ingredients are almost the same, except for the chocolate, obviously.

Like brownies, blondies are highly customizable. You can add sprinkles for birthday cake blondies, or butterscotch chips. I think that if you use less flour and more butter, perhaps, your blondies will be fudgy instead of chewy. These blondies are somewhat cakey-ish. And although these have absolutely no trace of cocoa on the batter, I could not resist adding chocolate frosting, just because, why not, right? Though the finished product was quite delicious on their own

Anyway, here’s the recipe I used.

You will need:

225 grams of melted butter

2 cups of brown sugar

2 eggs

2 cups flour

½ teaspoon baking soda

Vanilla extract

½ cup of milk

Let’s get baking:

  1. Whisk the melted butter and the brown sugar.
  2. When well-combined, add the eggs and continue whisking.
  3. Add the flour and the baking soda. Continue whisking. Make sure to scrape the sides of the bowl.
  4. At this point, the mixture will become heavy. Add the milk little by little and continue whisking.
  5. Place the mixture on 2 greased pans lined with parchment paper.
  6. Bake at 200 degrees for 30 minutes.
  7. Let the blondies cool before frosting with the fudge.


225 ml condensed milk

185 g cocoa powder

  1. Heat the condensed milk on low flame while whisking.
  2. When the milk starts to bubble, add the cocoa and mix until well combined.
  3. Once all the cocoa is dissolved, remove from het and let it cool. You can place it in the fridge to let it firm up a little.

As you can probably tell, if you watched the video above, I am not a confident baker. I poked blondies several times with a fork. It’s a good thing I was planning on adding frosting on top. Those poor blondies. 😊

This can be baked on a turbo broiler as well.

Join me on my next baking or cooking adventure. Let me know if you tried the recipe by commenting. I would love to hear from you.


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