Easy Lasagna


This is one of the dishes that looks like it’s intimidating to cook, but it is really quite easy. It just involves a lot of prep work, depending on the outcome that you want to achieve. For example, I really wanted my lasagna to have a white, cheesy sauce, so I made Bechamel. You don’t really have to do that though; you can just make a red sauce. Your handy-dandy, tried and tested spaghetti sauce recipe will do just fine. Just add loads of cheese, if you are a cheese-lover like me.

I also wanted this recipe to be budget-friendly. The real recipe for lasagna calls for a combination of different types of cheese, including ricotta, which could be quite expensive here. So I opted to combine mozzarella and quick-melt cheese. Here’s my version of lasagna, if you want to do it at home. Just a warning though, the start of the video below is a bit shaky; I was trying  to hold my phone with one hand while cooking with the other. 🙂


You will need:

3/4 kilo ground beef

1 pouch of spaghetti sauce




3 tablespoons of flour

milk or cream

grated quick-melt cheese

lasagna noodles

grated mozzarella cheese

Here’s How:


  1. Make the meat sauce by browning the ground beef and adding spaghetti sauce, salt and pepper. Set aside.
  2. Make the bechamel by adding butter on a hot pan. Let it melt a little, then add flour. Mix until you form a paste. Cook until there are no more traces of raw flour. Gradually add the milk/cream and mix. Try to get all of the lumps out. Add the cheese, and mix until the sauce thickens.
  3. Assemble the lasagna. Start with a layer of the meat sauce, then the lasagna noodles, then more red sauce. Add the bechamel sauce, and sprinkle with a combination of quick-melt and mozzarella cheese. Repeat until you have used up all your prepared ingredients. Put more cheese on top.
  4. Cover with foil, and bake at 200 degrees for 45 minutes to 1 hour.

This recipe yielded 2 small pans of lasagna. I froze the second pan of lasagna, and for some reason, it baked better than the one I cooked right away. I guess the moisture that came from freezing helped.

You can add veggies to the meat sauce, like grated carrots, mushroom, bell pepper, and so forth. You can also saute the ground beef with onions and garlic for more flavor. Add a few pinches of chili flakes for that extra kick.

I made a Garlic and Oregano bread that will go well with this lasagna recipe.

I hope you try this out. Let me know how it goes by leaving a comment below.



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