Edmark Smart Pan

I don’t know about you, but I sometimes like watching home shopping programs. I am amazed at how whatever they are selling can shorten cooking time in half, eliminate the use of oil, or even bake cakes without an oven. I know that the presenters probably really rehearsed so that whatever they sell looks absolutely effective, still, you have to really give them props on  how they ensure that whatever they sell looks epic when they present.

Anyway, a few years ago, I came across this cooking pan that acts as a steamer, roaster, oven, grill – you name it, this pan can apparently do it. You can cook huge chunks of meat, even a whole chicken, without flipping the piece of meat. You just flip the pan. Sounds awesome, right? The chef even cooked a lechon kawali  on the pan without oil! The only problem with it was it was a tad expensive.

So, when we  saw a pan that could do the exact same things that this device can do,  we went ahead and bought it. It was on sale, and the price was like less than half of what we would pay for the other pan. Check out my reviews below. Of course, it had it’s highs, and lows.  And, needless to say, before you buy anything, make sure that you do your research. make a list of pros and cons if you can. I’ll let the videos speak for the pan.

Here is the video of my first impression of the pan:

And here is the video of actually using the pan:

After cooking adobo sa puti, I decided to test the pan by cooking lechon kawali, which what I saw the chef cook on that other pan on the home shopping program. I was pleasantly surprised by the result:

Cooked #lechonkawali using the #edmarksmartpan You will need to cut the pork so that all surfaces of the skin is in…

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I am still using my Edmark Smart Pan. You can your too by using the links below. They won’t cost you extra, and it will definitely assist in creating content for the noobie cook YouTube channel and this blog. 🙂


Edmark Smart Double Pan (Black with Non Stick Marble Coating): http://bit.ly/2JHUAYt

Edmark Smart Pan (Black) Bundle with Edmark Kitchen Combo and Peeler: http://bit.ly/30L4IWc

Edmark Smart Pan (brown) bundle with Edmark Kitchen Combo and Peeler: http://bit.ly/2K6VHQL

Edmark Smart Pan (Black) Bundle With Edmark Smart Pan (Brown) And Edmark Smart Chopper: http://bit.ly/32J3i03

Happy Call Double-Sided Cookware: http://bit.ly/2SrhYwl



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