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Noob Baking


Stuffed Pretzels

There is something therapeutic about making bread. I am not good at kneading, mind you. But making bread really relaxes me. The science behind how the yeast “wakes up” and creates pockets of air...


Easy Lasagna

  This is one of the dishes that looks like it’s intimidating to cook, but it is really quite easy. It just involves a lot of prep work, depending on the outcome that you...


Baked Tuna

Let’s try to cook a little healthier than usual. I am not a huge fish fan, but this recipe is certainly one of the fish dishes that I think I will make again. Like...


Fudge Frosted Blondies

I’ve made brownies several times before, but I have always wanted to make blondies. The ingredients are almost the same, except for the chocolate, obviously. Like brownies, blondies are highly customizable. You can add...


Home-Made “Iced Gems”

This is my take on the classic biscuit snack, Iced Ggem. These are small, oval-shaped cookie that have some sort of hardened sugar icing on top, which are the “gems. The gems came in...