Extra Long Sweet Potato Fries

You probably heard about and watched the YouTube video about the extra long fries that took the internet by storm. In this post, I will attempt to try to describe how I made the extra long fries at home.

Being in a tropical country with an abundance of sweet potatoes, I decided to give it my own twist by using that. I used sweet potatoes that had pinkish  skin. I feel though, that any type of sweet potato will do. As per usual, I don’t have an exact recipe, so if you are looking for the measurements, unfortunately, I don’t have it.

I had about a kilo, and after thoroughly washing until the water was clear (you can never be too careful nowadays), I boiled them on a pot. I made sure that the sweet potatoes were fully submerged in water. I covered the pot, and just let it boil. I did not check how long I had the potatoes boiling. I just kept on checking until the potatoes were super soft which made it easy to peel (when it cooled).

Next step was to mash the sweet potatoes. I had a fairly large amount so I divided the mashed sweet potatoes in two. I will post what I did to the other half next time.

Alright, back to the extra long fries. After mashing the sweet potatoes, I added  a splash of evaporated milk just to loosed up the sweet potato mash. You want it to be loose enough so it can be piped, but sturdy enough so it can hold its shape. I tested the consistency on a plate to see the consistency before frying.

Next step was to deep fry. Make sure that the oil is hot enough; the sweet potato mixture should sizzle once it hits the oil. You will need to keep an eye on it as it burns easily because of the natural sugar. One mistake that I made on the first batch that I fried was that I poked and prodded the piped sweet potato. This made the mixture crumble, so I had to drain the oil and start over because I ended up with sweet potato flakes. You just need the sweet potatoes to turn a light golden brown color. It will crisp up after a few minutes of resting.

As said on the image above, you can turn this into a dessert by sprinkling sugar (think deconstructed camote cue) or as a side dish with a sandwich.

Try this and let me know how it goes. Happy cooking!

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